A Faith Worth Living

The world is full of people who are searching for something they just cannot seem to find. At the same time, the world we live in seems to be spinning out of control. We are more isolated as individuals and more divided as a society than at any other time in history. The faster we seem to run, the farther behind we feel. We also see what some call the complete moral breakdown of our society, and there no longer seems to be any absolute truth in our world.

The philosophy of relativism has become the religion of many people. Violence and terror have become just another fact of life, sometimes seen as a video game for young people. Once again, the Catholic Church is in the news as the clerical scandals of the past have resurfaced. Instinctively, many people know something has gone terribly wrong, but most people do not know how to put a finger on it. Others want to change our present situation but do not know how to proceed. That is what I hope to answer in this book. It is my contention that the world we live in is suffering from a lack of faith and a turning away from God as in ages past. As the great Saint Augustine put so aptly, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” If we can each start with ourselves and those around us, perhaps we can change the world after all.

So, as you can readily see, this is a book about faith. In my particular case, it is the truth and richness of the Catholic faith that I was privileged to find more than 48 years ago as a young man, and as you will see, I practiced without fully understanding for a number of years. However, you do not necessarily need to be Catholic to read it and get a better understanding of your own faith. In fact, I hope to challenge your understanding and get you to really think about what you believe or do not believe.